Happiness lies inside of you

September 25, 2016


We all want to live our lives in the sun. We all want to be happy, and most of us believe that certain things will get us there: a good job, more money, the right partner, the right place to live, the right friends. All of these things are worth having,  of course, but the problem is that things in our outside world are always changing, nothing stands still for a minute. That is the way the world is, in a constant state of flux, and therefore cannot be relied upon to bring us permanent happiness.

We are like children who build a sandcastle – we find happiness, then something happens and it disappears. It is destroyed, like waves subsuming a sandcastle on the beach. We become irritated, frustrated, angry. We are too closely involved with external situations and circumstances. We can spend our whole life living in this vicious circle. Why don’t we decide, now, in this present moment, to let the outer world off the hook as a means to make us happy?

The wonderful fact is that there is a place that is always peaceful, always contented, joyful and happy. So where is it, and how do we find it?

Quite simply, that place resides within you.

Transpersonal psychologists sometimes call this place the ‘Higher Self’. It also has other names you may have heard of like Buddha Mind, Christ/Krishna Consciousness or simply Intuition (which means inner teacher). It has nothing to do with religion at all though, it is a part of you, and resides at the still, silent core within your own mind. This place is always waiting for your attention, and once accessed will provide you with the sort of peace, serenity and even unbounded bliss that you and all of us dream of. It is also the seat of your personal power: this is not power over other people and things, in fact moving into your Higher Self makes you less manipulative and controlling of your world. This sort of personal power is about facing and healing any emotional wounds you may have, it is about creating joy, peace and satisfaction in life, for you to become the best of who you are.

Once we have undergone our own healing and self-growth we can then begin to extend love and compassion to everyone whose life comes into contact with ours, so that we become the radiant light we truly are. We become a force for good in the world.  This is what is meant by the Higher Self. It is an inner resource, a deep clear tranquil well you can draw from at any time, despite what is happening externally. This inner place will help you deal effectively with whatever comes your way. The Buddha said that our minds need to be like anvils: whatever strikes, we need to remain solid, strong, immutable.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga will lead you to that place within – your Higher Self.  So simple, so easy, we just need to practice every day to get to know this part of us. You don’t even need to leave your own home, it all resides within. Stop, sit down, breathe mindfully, and take ten minutes (at least) away from your world, and see how it makes you feel. The Indian sage Paramahansa Yogananda said it is like having a ‘portable paradise’! I couldn’t agree more.


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