It’s a new year – let’s find our higher self, the powerfully spiritual part of who we are

January 7, 2016





During our mindfulness and meditation classes we learn about powerful tools to help us open up to a place within, which, when tapped, allows us to feel ‘full-filled’. This place is very powerful, and has been given a multitude of names, some of which are:
Higher Self, Inner Self, Superconscious, Higher Conscious, God-self, Buddha-self.
Higher Self is a good term and one which is used in Susan Jeffer’s book ‘Feel the Fear and do it anyway’, because it implies that we can move above that part of us that dwells on petty things that cause fear, hate, scarcity, and all other forms of negativity. It brings to mind a new plane of existence that has little to do with everyday upsets and struggles.

There is a body of psychologists who believe in the existence of the Higher Self and the influence it can exert upon the individual. Some refer to their work with the Higher Self as ‘Height Psychology’, and others refer to it as ‘Transpersonal Psychology. They propose that this Higher Self is capable of a high degree of sensitivity and attunements to a harmonious flow within the universe. It is the container of many sublime virtues – creativity, intuition, trust, love, joy, inspiration, aspiration, caring, giving – everything we, in our heart of hearts would like to experience.

Many of us are searching for something ‘out there’ to make our lives complete. We feel alienated, lonely and empty. No matter what we do, or have, we never feel full-filled. This feeling of intense loneliness is our clue that we are off course, and that we need to correct that direction. Often we think that the correction lies in a new mate, house, car, job or whatever. Not so.

What Susan Jeffers, in her book ‘Feel the fear’ believed, was that we are all of us searching for is this divine essence within ourselves. When we are far from our Higher Self, we feel what Roberto Assagioli has so aptly called ‘Divine Homesickness’. (See his book ‘Psychosynthesis’ for more on this). When you are feeling this sense of being lost, or off-course, the thing to do to find your way home again is simply to use the tools that will align you with your Higher Self, some of which we use in these classes, and align yourself once again when the good feelings will start to flow once again.

Modern society is primarily concerned with body and mind, even though you hear ‘body, mind and spirit’ used. The spirit part, which encompasses the Higher Self, has somehow got lost in the shuffled. We have focused almost totally on the intellectual and physical parts of ourselves. Few places teach us about the spirit. In fact many of us haven’t even been aware that we have a spiritual part. Many people don’t even like the word ‘spiritual’. They tune out the minute it is mentioned. The reason is that they confuse ‘spiritual’ with religion and God. For those who are not religious, the word is a turnoff.

The way we are using this word will be acceptable to you whether you are religious or not. When we speak of the spiritual, we speak of the Higher Self, the place within that is loving, kind, abundant, joyful and all those other qualities we have mentioned. Susan even goes so far as to say that unless you tap into that spiritual part within, you will experience perpetual discontent. I agree with her. It is also not hard to do, once we know how.

All of us have operated from this part already in our lives, and often. Have you ever given something to someone and felt so good it brought tears to your eyes? Have you ever been so overwhelmed by the beauty of something, a sunset, or a flower, that you were filled with a sense of abundance? Have you ever cried tears of joy in a movie when a character overcame a severe obstacle? If you did any of these things, it could be said you were operating from your Higher Self. You transcended the world of the petty – ‘she didn’t even say thank you’, ‘ he never picks up his socks’ – and touched a world of beauty beyond. Let’s make this coming year one in which we transcend the negative, when we move above our ‘lower self’ and into our ‘higher self’, a place of powerful loving energy which can help us make our lives better than ever.

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