Mindfulness feels just great!

April 12, 2016


Mindfulness practice is not about trying to transcend anything, but it is a gentle look at ourselves and our surroundings, and makes you feel almost instantly much better in mind and body. It is the quick-acting antidote to anxiety, depresssion and irritability. It isn’t about sitting quietly in meditation but a mind-set you can take into your everyday llife, when you can make the decision to stop problem-solving, even if just for a moment, and simply ‘be’.

We can stop, let go of striving for anything, and put down our burden for a while.  What a relief! We all have narrative lines running in our minds, most of the time. Just stopping the script, for a short while, takes pressure off body and mind. That has got to be a good thing! Stopping, breathing, smiling – it is all so simple.

Why not come along to practice with us – at yoga and mindfulness, in Sudbourne, Snape and in Woodbridge, and give yourself the gift of complete relaxation and peace.

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