Smile and the world smiles with you!

October 16, 2016



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What makes you smile? One quick way is to practice being mindful. Mindfulness practice can be done anywhere. It isn’t about trying to transcend anything, but the development of a closer awareness of our life as it unfolds moment by moment.

We can start to wake up from the ‘autopilot’ many of us use to live our lives. It gives us a chance to slow things down, and to move into the present moment. We use most of our mind to consider the past, or to worry about the future. We can’t go back and change the past, and we hope that the future will be more comfortable, that we will be happier and peaceful. But the only time we truly have is the present moment, this one right here. So if you want to be happy, why not now? Why wait another moment?

Our lives build up moment by moment, so it makes sense to pay more attention to this moment, from which your future is constructed.

Mindfulness of the present moment is an inner resource you can take with you wherever you go. It is the quick path to your own inner peace and happiness. We are too concerned with ‘out there’ for our happiness, but we can change the focus to ourselves, noticing our own mind and body and our reactions to our world. This gives us more control, more personal power to chart our own course. To use another metaphor – instead of the puppet we become the puppet master.

We treat ourselves with utmost compassion, knowing that our states of mind come and go, and are not permanent states of being. There is something much more profound beneath all our worries, and that is a deep-seated calm and tranquillity at the core of us, that can deal with anything in our lives.

Our Higher Self is right here, within

This place  of personal power is sometimes called the ‘Higher Self’, and is located within our own mind. How wonderful, it’s not out there – it’s in here!

We can choose to visit this place, often, getting to know it, so we can make it our true home.

So how? A good way is to start to notice the beauty and blessings in our own life. Despite what is happening, we are surrounded by abundance. There is so much complaining that goes on in and around us. We definitely live in a ‘moan and groan’ society. We can train ourselves to stop complaining and look at the beauty that surrounds us every moment of the day. When we do that life is not about the scary feeling of  ‘not enough’, it is about the fearless feeling of abundance and gratitude.  Also, if you can consider the ‘ordinary’ things in your life as ‘extraordinary’, you’re really on the road to bringing magic into your life.

What ‘ordinary’ things are ‘extraordinary’ for you? Here are some possibilities: your heart is beating, you are breathing, you have clothes to keep you warm, you had a wonderful bath or shower, the sun came up this morning, a friend messaged you, you smiled at someone and they smiled back. Paying attention to the joys and pleasures of everyday life, is a real game-changer. We see the wonders of life that would otherwise pass us by. When you understand this concept, you will never look at the world in the same old mundane boring way again. Everything, even the traffic jams, difficulties at work, challenging people and the rest, can become part of the grand abundance of life.

Mindfulness of the abundance surrounding us allows us to begin to see our lives like children again: the endless possibilities, the curiosity and joy of being here in this moment, on this planet, which is a miracle in itself as none of us remembers how we got here! But here we are.  Let’s relax, smile and enjoy the experience of being alive in this moment.

Tip: buy a beautiful notebook, and every day record evidence of the abundance in your life, at least three things each time your write in it – you’ll feel happier straight away!


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