Why learn to meditate?

August 1, 2016


Learning to meditate, by removing yourself from the distractions of your world for a while to still the mind, could be one of the most important things you ever learn to do. We can choose to sit quietly, for at least ten minutes twice a day and watch the mind, letting thoughts come and go, arising and dissolving, as we watch them, and simply allow the mind to become what it really is: clear, spacious, vast and undisturbed. We don’t just have the capacity for thought, we can also be aware we are thinking, and this skill is of vital importance in any quest for a more peaceful and fulfilled life.

‘Isn’t this all rather selfish?’

Meditation is sometimes seen as self-indulgent. We move out of our world for a while, and family and friends, not understanding the benefits of practice, may be puzzled. They may disapprove, or think you strange or even threatening towards their way of doing things. They are entitled to their opinion, but respectfully take no notice! If you can look at your own mind, you will see where your trigger points for all the damaging emotions of which we are capable, are stemming from. We begin to know ourselves so much better. This is our point of power, which is not power over others, but power within the self, to create a life filled to the brim with compassion for yourself, and others. You can then extend that love and compassion to everyone whose life comes into contact with yours.

‘Peace in this world is impossible, just watch the news!’

We look at our world and shake our heads, believing that world peace is simply impossible. All the evidence points to a world which can never attain that state. We need to change how we look at the world, from the inside out. The only way that a peaceful, equitable world will ever appear is if we begin with ourselves, through creating a world of peace within and then our outer world will begin to change. Not overnight, but slowly you will begin to see changes in your own life. Other people and things will still present challenges, sometimes serious ones, but you will be able to react to these things more powerfully the more your meditation practice develops. You should find that you move less frequently into fear, anger, frustration and sadness. You will notice how your mind reacts to experiences, you start to witness its behaviour.

This is an important point: you are not your mind, nor are you your body, your feelings or your emotions. You are in a body, and in that physical vehicles emotions, feelings and thoughts occur. However, they are not you, they are not your identity. You are more than these things, you are in reality a centre of pure awareness, this is the essence of who you are at your core. Only by taking the time to move within will you ever be able to discover this, and really know more about who you really are. Being more than you thought you were, no longer a slave to your body, feelings, emotions and mind you will become happier, calmer, and more in control of your life.  You become the ‘boss’ of your experience of life again. Stress diminshes, even vanishes. It’s all waiting for you, what are you waiting for?

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