SIX WEEK COURSE ‘Mindfulness for Well-being’

NEW! Six week course: ‘MINDFULNESS FOR WELL-BEING’ begins this coming Autumn 2019.

11 – 1 pm, Woodbridge Library Meeting Room – all welcome! £150.00. Numbers limited, booking essential. For more details and to book a place: 080424


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What is Mindfulness and why is it good for my well-being?

Mindfulness simply means being aware and present in each moment. It is being intimate with our own experience, with ourselves, moment by moment. We can learn to be on our own side, to be mindful of our emotions, our reactions to external stimuli, our fears and our dreams. We begin to understand ourselves better. We can learn to have a loving attitude to ourselves at all times, being mindful of what it means to be you, what that is really like. Often the negative experiences of our lives can create an internal numbness, a blocking off from life, causing confusion, hatred and attachment.

Mindfulness is not a religion, but a way of training our mind. Most of our what we think is negative and unhelpful. Most of us believe everything our mind is telling us, as if it were all true. Our thoughts are on a loop – we can think the same negative stressful thoughts over and over for years. When you realise that this is not how you need to live, that you can be free of this type of mental activity it is the beginning of personal freedom. You begin to awaken to who you truly are beneath this mental activity. Your mind is a superb instrument when used correctly but mostly it has taken us all over.

If we are living moment by moment, awake, alert and centred in ‘now’, it helps us to view our lives as something more than a series of tasks and responsibilities.  Each of us has a vast and expansive well of inner peace waiting to be noticed and used. We did not put that stillness and peace there – it is, was and always will be there because it is your true nature, your true identity.

You will learn more about this, and how you can become increasingly aware, alert, happy and peaceful. When we become aware of this inner power, we realise that we can create a heaven for ourselves right here on earth. We can then use this peace to help others, by radiating it out to everyone whose lives are connected to ours.


The secret of the breath: something that we can have in our awareness all day and night is our breath. By simply focusing on the in-and out- breath, and bringing our awareness back to it every time, we harness a simple and comforting practice for ourselves which can ground and keep us centred in every moment. This and other ideas will be explored in this six week course. Your life may never be the same again. We look forward to meeting you.







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