Thank you for the six week one to one course – I do meditation every day for at least  30 minutes and ‘top ups’ during the day if needed.

Mindfulness is part of my everyday life and has helped me feel the fear and do it anyway i.e. talking, flying etc.

It has been life changing, I am no longer on any medication for depression/anxiety, have lost nearly 3 stones and feel brilliant and able to deal with most things life throws at me at work and home.

I write my journal every day, walk my dog twice a day and really appreciate the birds, nature and everything around me and so many other things in life we just do I now stop, focus on, and appreciate – it’s like a whole new world.

I cannot thank you enough for the changes I have made, thank you for the information I will certainly consider the sessions but wanted to say hi and thank you in the meantime.

Many Thanks

Rhianna, Senior Manager, St Elizabeth’s Hospice

Thank you for the six week one to ones

Thank you for bringing your Mindfulness classes to Woodbridge, it is changing my life. Chris Becket

Thank you

Yoga Monday evening
I am finding the classes very rewarding, as a mother of two young children I wish I had started this years ago! What a wonderful way to relax and have some me time!
Debra has a wealth of knowledge, she is a wonderful teacher and such a bright happy lady it is a pleasure to attend her class.

by Leah

Yoga & Mindfulness classes in Sudbourne
Thoroughly enjoying the classes – lovely calm atmosphere. Debra is good at talking us through and explaining what we are doing. It is a good workout both mentally and physically.

By Clare

Yoga Classes
I find the class is perfect for me. There’s plenty of relaxation which I did not find in a pilates class. Debra has a lovely voice to listen to and I find the level of exercise just right for me. Sometimes a bit challenging but it is most important to keep my posture under control

By Diana

In my opinion, too many people are placed on anti-depressant medication when presenting to GPs with anxiety, stress and depression. We need more mindfulness courses like this one to reach out to people who need this type of training, without needing to use drugs.  I’m spreading the word. Found Mindfulness after reading Ruby Wax’s book last year, and seeing her speak very recently. We all need mindfulness, it helps so much.


These classes reach the parts of you that other exercise doesn’t!


Your classes have been a revelation to me in 2014, looking forward to next term.


The classes are very positive and inspiring, I shall be back even when I’m not going through major challenges like now.

Mindfulness student

The yoga classes are really relaxing, thanks!

Sam, yoga student

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