One to one sessions of Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation

September 20, 2015


One to one sessions of Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation

I left feeling on top of the world!’  Yoga and Mindfuless weekly student (individual session) , Summer 2015

‘She’s a genius!’ Yoga and Mindfulness weekly student (individual session), 2014-15

‘It’s like having a massage for both body and mind’  Claire, 2015

You may be interested in coming along for an individual session if you’d like to address certain issues. It may be your level of fitness and flexibility, or it may be that you feel that stress is getting in the way of you enjoying your life the way you would like. Maybe you have certain health issues that mean you have started worrying a lot and stopped being able to relax. You may just want to learn to meditate, or have the delight of being guided into a beautiful visualisation. Whatever is going on in your world today, an individually tailored session may be what you need.

The sessions take place at my home in Sudbourne, or I can come to you. We can do a combination of any of the practices: yoga, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation. Some students just want to discuss what is going on for them, formulating ideas for addressing these issues, and then lie down, be covered in a blanket and allow themselves to be guided into a peaceful, calming visualisation, with background music to soothe and destress. They leave feeling completely refreshed and ready to face anything that life may throw at them. For others – a session of yoga and mindfulness gives them a workout for both body and mind. In the Summer we often hold classes in the garden. The sessions are empowering, energising, calming and quite simply food for the soul. Email or call for more details or to book: 450066. Fees are £40.00 for a session of 75 minutes.


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